Carol Carter

Workshop: October 23rd – 25th, 2020          THREE DAYS        fee: $595 CDN

Carol Carter is a longtime resident of St. Louis, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Washington University. She earned national recognition in 2002 when her work was featured on the cover of New American Paintings magazine. portrait Carol Carter with SwimmerShe stepped onto the international arts stage in 2002 with a solo exhibition in Guayaquil, Ecuador, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. She has had solo exhibitions in Norway, France, and USVI. She was AIRE fellow – Everglades National Park in 2010. Crate & Barrel and Verizon Wireless recently added her to their collections.

Water is an enduring presence in Carol Carterʼs watercolor and acrylic paintings. Having grown up in Florida, she sees water as an evocative backdrop, resonant in contrasts that illuminate the human condition. Using vibrant, saturated colors, Carol plays upon the dualities present in nature in images of swimmers, lush landscapes, insightful portraits and botanical studies.

Carol’s subject matter is incredibly varied, ranging from swimmers, and flora and fauna – to interiors and landscapes. In spite of painting such a vast range of subject matter, her work remains consistent with her personal style.

Painting with an electric colour palette, she saturates values of light and dark with a brilliant range of unpredictable colour. Her technique shifts between wet-in-wet application and controlled execution – producing work that is balanced with both detail and with spontaneity.Cups of Sunshine by Carol Carter

“I have a thirst for connection with people, with ideas, with others.  I love to paint — because it is a universal language and brings me closer to people.

I am always thrilled and honored when someone takes a look at my art– and feels a kinship with the message.”

“I feel so blessed to be an artist.”

Carol Carter Watercolor Mag 1