Schaller: Cefalu

Workshop: September 7th – 12th, 2020          FEE: $995 USD

Workshop: September 14th – 18th, 2020

Cefalu, Sicily

Join Thomas W. Schaller for a unique masterclass, in the heart of Sicily.
“In this exclusive 5-day workshop, a limited number of artists will join Tom Schaller, to explore this amazing city through the lens of plein-air watercolor sketching. Cefalu is such a spectacularly beautiful, friendly, and welcoming place. harbour, CefaluAnd the subjects for painting are endless.veggie cart, Cefalu

Primarily, we will focus on ‘ways of seeing’. From initial impression sketches, we will begin to discover how to identify the roots of our own unique inspiration.cliff profile, Cefalu

The theme of much of Tom’s work is a study of complements – light vs. dark; warm vs. cool: and the man-made vs. the natural. The importance of site sketching, shape composition, value layering, and complementary color orchestration, are among the elements of successful image making that will be covered.

Thomas Schaller sees watercolor as a natural extension of the act of drawing. Except that in watercolo

r, we “draw” not with a line, but with shapes: shapes of value, of tone and color, and of light. So, as we paint, we literally carve away at that total amount of light shining from the pure white of the paper. And so, if we can begin to see ourselves as “painting with light,” with its structures and its forms, rather than with the structure and forms of our subject matter, we can begin to fundamentally change how we see and feel about the world around us.”