Jean Haines


November 2nd – 3rd and November 4th-5th, 2017    fee: $495 CDN

Winning by Jean Haines

Jean Haines returns again to North Vancouver for two 2-day workshops. These will sell out quickly.

International watercolorist, Jean Haines, is a member of the SWA, and regularly writes for numerous art magazines. Having lived in many countries and travelled extensively, Jean has had the opportunity to develop her skills, whilst under the influence of masters from Asia, the Middle East and Europe. While living in China, Jean studied brush control, which she believes had the greatest impact on the evolvement of her style. Later, working with artists from India and Pakistan, she was introduced to a vibrant world of colour. This combination of East meets West, along with her no fear approach of working intuitively on paper, leads Jean to her amazing results.

Venice by Jean HainesJean Haines has been credited for her extremely motivational teaching methods, as well as her enthusiasm and passion for watercolours. Following the launch of Jeans’ popular international best selling book “Atmospheric Watercolours” and the 2015 launch of her new book “Jean Haines World of Watercolour“, the workshops will be a reinforcement of her very original techniques.
These exciting two-day workshops will aim at how to work in a loose style – minus the use of a preliminary sketch – and painting a variety of subjects, in ways that seem to magically bring them to life. From the first decision of choosing what to paint – to selecting from a wide range of techniques – along with dramatic colour combinations – Jean will help the artist to discover their own unique results. This workshop will aim at bringing the best out of you as an artist, and will leave you feeling inspired.

Glory of Dawn by Jean Haines