Lucca: Schaller

Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca
The Architecture of Light – Lucca, Italy:  September 28 – October 2, 2020      $895 USD

Join Thomas W. Schaller for a unique art-making experience in the heart of Tuscany.


Lucca Roof by Thomas Schaller

“All successful artwork – in any medium – has one thing in common: good design. When all the disparate elements of a painting – narrative, shapes, values, and color – are orchestrated to act in tandem, it becomes much easier to create a winning work of art…

In this exclusive 5-day workshop, a limited number of artists will join me to explore this amazing city through the lens of plein-air watercolor sketching. Primarily, we will focus on ‘ways of seeing’. From initial impression sketches, we will begin to discover how to identify the roots of our own unique inspiration.

The importance of site sketching, shape composition, value layering, and complementary color orchestration, are among the elements of successful image making that will be covered.

The theme of much of my work is a study of complements – light vs. dark; warm vs. cool: and the man-made vs. the natural. And beautiful Lucca offers the artist an endless source of inspiration to explore those topics. “

Thomas W Schaller

Sketching in Rome by Thomas Schaller

Bicycle Fountain by Tom Schaller

Dating from the Etruscan era, the beautiful walled city of Lucca is a true gem ; a showcase of Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture. And the famous Piazza – built on the elliptical footprint of the ancient Roman amphitheater – is one of the world’s most memorable outdoor living rooms.


Workshop Info sheet

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