Vancouver, SuperNatural British Columbia

Come paint with us…

Majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rainforests and beautiful foliage all four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Canada is known for our people’s friendly nature, and Vancouver’s citizens take great pride in our welcoming, clean, safe streets – day or night, all year round. A vast multicultural population, endless activities, and excellent infrastructure, Vancouver is welcoming to all – families, couples, gay & lesbian travelers, special needs visitors and especially origami paperfolders – everything is within reach. The Vancouver International Airport has consistently been rated as a top North American airport providing easy access from all over the world. Exceptional public transportation is overshadowed slightly by the convenience of Vancouver as a great walking city – clean, green, safe, and easily accessible!
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They said it best…

The New York Times:  “You’re gorgeous, baby, you’re sophisticated, you live well…Vancouver is Manhattan with mountains. It’s a liquid city, a tomorrow city, equal parts India, China, England, France and the Pacific Northwest. It’s the cool North American sibling.”
The Daily Telegraph (UK): “Vancouver is a city unlike any other. Wherever I look, I see water or mountains — or both. And everyone looks so healthy.”
USA Today: “In winter, the heart of downtown [Vancouver] is 30 minutes from the ski slopes. In summer, sun seekers crowd its beaches and seaside promenades. And despite a rain-prone climate, it displays a perpetually sunny disposition. Consider it the supermodel of North American cities.” “Vancouver is one of North America’s most under-rated tourist destinations. It is a modern, travel-friendly city with a unique mix of cultures. The relatively mild Pacific Northwest climate and an energetic restaurant and nightlife scene are other features that make this such an attractive city.”